# Features

# Text editing

You can add text to any shape and table.

To add or edit text, doubleclick a shape (or a table).

Text parameters are available in right panel.

Slidelab Editor text

You can use usual shortcuts for copying, cutting and pasting text:

  • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V respectively (for Windows)
  • ⌘+C, ⌘+X, ⌘+V (for Mac OS)

Also these commands are available in context menu (right mouse button), but unfortunately due to browsers’ security restrictions, Paste option works only in desktop app. Shortcut works fine both in browser and in desktop app.

# Context menu

Right mouse button click on a slide, object or text invokes the context menu. It shows you all available actions you can perform with selected object, group, slide or text.

Slidelab Editor context menu

# Copy and apply object style

You can copy object’s or selection’s style and apply it to another object with context menu. Style properties that are not supported by a target object will be ignored.

# Key modifiers

Modifier keys are the keys on a keyboard that are used in conjunction with other keys or mouse buttons to perform shortcuts and other commands.

  • Windows modifier keys: Ctrl, Alt, Shift
  • Mac OS modifier keys: Command (or Cmd) ⌘, Option (or Alt) ⌥, Shift ⇧

You can use key modifiers to change behaviour of resizing and rotation actions.

Press Shift key while resizing to lock selection aspect ratio. It is useful when you want to resize an object and maintain its proportions.

Press Shift key while rotating to round angle to a multiple of 15 degrees.

Use Ctrl (or Cmd⌘ for Mac) to resize an object symmetrically from the center point of it.