# Groups of properties

All properties are divided into the groups to make it easier for the user to find the property they need.

Groups (except Position and Align) can be minimized by clicking on it’s header.

# Align

This group is located at the top of the right panel. It has three options for each of the axes.

Top, center and bottom for horizontal axis. Left, center and right for vertical axis.

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# Position

Contains following position and geometry parameters:

  • For shapes: X and Y coordinates of the top-left corner, width, height, rotate, lock aspect button
  • For lines: X and Y coordinates of the line start and end points.
  • For tables: X and Y coordinates of the top-left corner.

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Also, it contains:

  • Order panel to set the order of objects along Z-axis (perpendicular to the screen). It can be useful when you want to place an object behind another one.
  • Group/ungroup button to create and manage groups of objects.

# Appearance

Contains only one property: object opacity.

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# Shape

Contains extra properties of different shapes (e.g. border radius, triangle vertex offset, skew angle, etc.)

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# Fill

Here you can set color, gradient or image as background color of object.

Tables can set only background color for currently selected cells.

All objects have three-level fill structure: background image is always placed above background color or gradient, text is always placed above background.

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# Stroke

Here you can find object stroke properties: borders for shapes, lines, inner and outer borders for tables.

You can set line width, color, dash and gap size for dashed lines and borders.

Tables have additional controls for cell borders.

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# Arrows

Arrows are available for lines only. You can set start and end arrows for a line. There are 5 different tipes of arrows.

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# Text

This group contains various text properties: typeface, font size, line height, letter spacing, text color, background color, style, alignment, padding.

You can also create lists here, either numbered or bulleted.

You can apply properties to the whole text block or to selected fragment.

Parallelograms have “Auto height” option in the text group. It makes object’s height depend on content size.

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# Animation

This group contains object animation properties, such as effect type, easing, duration, autoplay and order.

You can check Autoplay checkbox and set delay time to make an object appear in a period of time after the slide has been opened.

Also you can use animations to show objets as slide fragments one by one when you click "Next" during your presentation.

You need to set order values to animated objects to define the order of appearance of fragments. Objects with same order value will appear simultaneously.

Object order is shown near the top-right corner of an object (only if at least one object is selected).

Objects with animation turned off appear after all objects with animation turned on.

Autoplay allows object to appear automatically without user interactions.

This is a powerful tool to make your story more dynamic and interesting.

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