# Interface

# 1. Slide

Here you can edit the currently selected slide (add/remove objects, change their size, add/edit text etc.)

Slidelab Editor slide area

# 2. Slides panel

Here you can manage slides(add, remove, copy, paste, clone, change order)

Slidelab Editor slide previews panel

# 3. Toolbar

Here you can find tools that allow you to add different objects to slide (shapes, lines, images, text blocks and tables).

Slidelab Editor toolbar

# 4. Service bar

Contains Network status indicator, Play button, Share tool, Export menu, View menu and Menu button.

Slidelab Editor service bar

# 5. Right panel

Dynamically shows different panels based on current app state.

Slidelab Editor right panel

# 6. Back button

Link to account page.

Slidelab Editor back button

# 7. Presentation name

You can change presentation name here, new name applies immediately.