# Objects' manipulations

# Adding objects

You can add shapes, lines, images, text blocks and tables. To add a new object to a slide, click a tool button to select object type.

Click and hold left mouse button at the place where you want to add an object of selected type. Move the cursor to define the size of an object and release mouse button. Also you can just click anywhere on the canvas to add a shape with default size. You can resize the object after that

Slidelab Editor toolbar

# Adding tables

To add a table, click table tool, set rows and columns number and click confirm button.

Slidelab Editor toolbar

# Adding images

There are several ways to add an image to a slide.

# Adding images from the toolbar

Click image tool and select an image from Media Library panel opened on the right side of the app.

Check Media Library chapter for more info.

# Adding images by dropping a file

The easiest and most handy way to add a new image to your presentation is just to drop an image file on the canvas. If you drop an image on a shape it will be automatically applied as shape background. If you drop it anywhere else on a slide, you will see two options: to set the image as slide background or add it as a new object. Currently the app supports jpg, png and gif image formats.

# Select object

You can select object by clicking on it once. You can also select multiple objects by clicking and holding left mouse button on empty space and extending selecting area.

If you click an object, that is grouped with other objects, they will be selected too.

To select a single object which is inside a group you need to double click it.

When multiple objects are selected, they are highlighted with light blue border.

Slidelab Editor selection

# Edit objects

You can move objects, rotate them and change their dimensions.

Selected objects have light gray border with geometry handlers around them.

Depending on types and parameters of selected objects, some handlers can be unavailable.

Slidelab Editor selection

You can’t stretch selection horizontally and vertically in such cases:

  • there is a rotated shape among the selected objects and it’s angle is not multiple of 90 degrees
  • there is a table in selection (all handlers are disabled, you can only move selection)
  • one of selected objects has manually locked aspect ratio
  • shift button is pressed

Rotation handlers are located near corners of selection.

All geometry parameters are also can be edited from the right panel.

Slidelab Editor selection

# Copy, cut and paste objects

You can use usual shortcuts for copying, cutting and pasting objects:

  • CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+V respectively (for Windows)
  • ⌘+C, ⌘+X, ⌘+V (for Mac)

Also these commands are available in context menu (right mouse button)