# Property types

# Number

Numeric properties

Most of the slide and object properties are numeric. It means that you set their value by entering a number. For example: object position coordinates, hight and width, opacity, rotation angle, etc. You can change value of numeric property by dragging it's entry field with mouse, or you can doubleclick it and type a new value.

# Color

Color properties

You can set color of slide and object background, shape stroke, line and text.

Click color preview to open color panel.

You can select color with colorpicker, enter color as RGBA or HEX value, or pick a color from project color palette.

Click confirm button to apply selected color.

# Gradient

Gradient angle

There are two types of gradient: linear and radial.

Both of them have color line that contains color points of gradient. By default there are two color nodes. You can add new point by clicking on empty space on color line. You can also move point’s positions by dragging points with mouse.

To change point’s color just click on it once, color property panel will be opened.

Gradient color

You can change gradient’s angle (for linear) and center point (for radial) on gradient’s preview.

Gradient center

Click confirm button to apply currently selected gradient.

# Image

Click “Set image”button to set image for slide’s or object’s background. This will open media library panel where you can choose upload your own image or choose an image from Unsplash, icon from Iconfinder or animation from Giphy.

You can clear background image by clicking icon in right top of image preview.

There are 5 fill modes you can use: Stretch, Cover, Tile, and Custom position mode.

Image property

# Cover mode

Cover mode is used by default. The image is centered and scaled to cover the entire area of a slide or a shape. The aspect ratio of the image is not changed.

Image property

# Stretch mode

The image is stretched to fit the size of a slide or a shape. The aspect ratio of the image is changed.

Image property

# Tile mode

The image is scaled and repeated. You can set the scale value.

Image property

# Custom mode

This mode is used to set a certain scale and position of background image. You can use it if you need to set a certain fragment of an image.

Image property

Choose Custom mode and click Background Position button. You can change position by dragging the image and scale it with mouse wheel.

Image property

Click Save button to apply changes.