# Service bar

Slidelab Editor slide menu

Network status indicator

Green “Online” status indicates that the app is online and can be safely closed.

Yellow “Syncing” status indicates that the app is currently exchanging data with the server. Do not close the app while it is synchronizing data to make sure your presentation is saved.

“Offline” status indicates that you are not connected to the internet. All your changes will be saved locally and pushed to the server as soon as your network connection is restored.

Play button

Starts presentation in fullscreen mode.


You can create a public link to your presentation and share it with your co-workers, friends, clients etc.

Turn the switch on to generate a public link. You can click on the button to the left of the link to copy it to the clipboard.

Public link can be recalled at any time by turning the switch off.

Slidelab Editor sharing

Export menu

Allows you to export presentation to PDF format. Currently this feature works only in SlideLab desktop app and is not available in web version due to browser security restrictions.

View menu

Here you can toggle slide rulers and guides.

Menu button

Here you can change your project settings.