# Slide area

Here you can edit the currently selected slide (add/remove objects, change their size, add/edit text etc.)

# Slide boundaries

Common presentation apps use “Letterbox” and “Pillarbox” methods to fit slide background and content to the screen with different aspect ratio. It often causes black bars on the sides of the slide.

Slidelab Editor slide boundaries

Unlike them SlideLab is fitting slide content and background separately, sometimes with different scale value. Content is scaled to fit the screen. Slide background is scaled and cropped to cover the whole screen. This approach provides better visual experience. No matter what kind of device is used to view a presentation, it will cover the whole screen without black bars.

Slidelab Editor slide boundaries

You should place objects only within safe area to make sure they will not be cropped when they will be demonstrated on different devices or during export. Muted bands indicate the boundaries of the safe area.

Slidelab Editor slide boundaries

# Scaling and scrolling slide

You can scroll slide:

  • vertically with mouse wheel
  • vertically and horizontally with mouse wheel over appropriate rulers
  • in any direction with mouse combined with SPACE key

For zooming in or out you can use appropriate tool in toolbar, or mouse wheel combined with CTRL(META for MacOS) keys.

# Rulers and Guides

Rulers are located to the left and above the slide. They help you to move and resize objects with pixel-perfect precision. Ruler units are pixels.

Slidelab Editor rulers

You can show and hide rulers using View Menu.

Slidelab Editor view menu

You can use mouse wheel over a ruler to pan over the slide vertically and horizontally. Also you can place helping guides by click on a ruler. Make sure guides are enabled in View Menu.

Slidelab Editor guides

If you want to move or delete a guide, just grab it over a ruler and drag to desired position or to the top-left corner to delete. While dragging a guide you will see a trash icon at the top-left corner. Drop a guide on this icon to delete it.