# How to choose images for your presentation

# Why to use images

Imagine a presentation without images. Only text on all the slides. Pretty boring, isn't it? Moreover, it's much more difficult to perceive information without visual support. Also images make your presentation more engaging and help to convey the idea more clearly. So, let's see how to find the best images for your slideshow.

Slidelab - How to choose images for your presentation

# Focus on your message

Use an image that reflects the main point of a slide. It should not be just a decoration. Visuals must support your content and supplement or even emphasize your message. Use abstract expressions and associations to find the right one.

Slidelab - How to choose images for your presentation

# Use simple images

Your audience shouldn't get confused. Don't make people think too much. Our goal is to enhance understanding the subject of the presentation and keep the viewer's attention. Also image shouldn't be too motley. Unnecessary details distract from the essentials.

Slidelab - How to choose images for your presentation

# Use Emotions

Try to find an image that evokes emotions. It helps to maintain connection with the audience and makes your slideshow more memorable. Try using gif-animation if it is appropriate.

Slidelab - How to choose images for your presentation

# Images must be consistent

Presentation design should look uniform across all the slides. That's why images should look alike. Also your they must fit your slideshow color scheme. You can adjust image brightness and colors or apply the same color or gradient overlay to all images to achieve unity of style. Make sure that text over images is clear and readable. Adjust contrast if needed.

# Use only high-quality images

Here are the basic requirements for images:

  • high resolution
  • correct aspect rate (no stretching and distortion)
  • no watermarks
  • no clipart.

Avoid using "3D white people" pictures, photos of smiling office managers, businessmen shaking hands and any other kind of overused images. It looks insincere and boring.

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