# How to use gradients in presentations

If you are new to graphic desing, this article will help you start using gradients to make your presentations more colorful and expressive.

# Why to use gradients

Why do we need to use gradients for slide design, what is the purpose?

First of all, we can use it to work with emotions. Gradients can help us add a certain feel to our slide. We can use a certain range of color tones to highlight the main idea or the mood. It works better than a single color.

Also gradients are used to tone images and unify the style of all the slides. It's important if we want our presentation to look uniform and seamless.

Gradients can be used to adjust contrast and brightness of background behind the text to improve readability of it.

And finally, gradient is a trendy thing in graphic design, so let's learn how to use them correctly.

# How to choose colors

Let's start with the colors. Maybe you have brand guidelines and there is a set of colors you must use in your presentation. But if not, how do we choose colors for gradients? Which of them work well together?

Well, there are many article about color theory and there are online tools for matching colors and creating color palettes. We will not dwell in detail on that now. Here are some trendy color combinations which usually work well.

Slidelab - How to choose colors for gradients Slidelab - How to choose colors for gradients

And here are some general tips that can help you choose colors for your gradient.

Adjacent colors usually blend well. So, you can use pairs like red-orange, green-blue, blue-purple, etc. If you use neighbouring colors, try to choose shades with the same saturation and brightness.

Color wheel

If you are trying to use colors which are not neighbours in the spectrum (e.g. purple and yellow), add one more color between them (purple - red - yellow). It will make your gradient look cleaner and more natural.

Actually, now you have two gradients. We need to adjust posision, brightness and saturation of the middle color to these two gradients look uniform.

Also you can use shades of a single color. In that case, they should differ in brightness and saturation.

You should adjust brightness of colors so that the text would have sufficient contrast with the background in order to keep it readable. Otherwise you have to use text block with its own background.

And please, don't use default Power Point gradients, they look really awful and disgusting.

# How to use gradients with images

Now let's learn how to combine gradients with images to make our slides look even more stylish and modern.

Using gradients with images

Actually, there is nothing difficult. Just keep increasing transparency of the image to make text readable enough. At the same time, the image should be clearly visible. So you need to find a balance. Remember: the smaller your font size is - the less should be image opacity. Also the text should not overlap with small image details, as this impairs readability.