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Adjectives presentation

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We have already learnt that a noun is a naming word. Now we are going to learn about adjectivesActivity 1List all the items or people in the following picture.(i.e. the nouns in the picture)

Look at the following pictures!

Activity 1(b)

Now write down words that describe each of the items or people in the picture.


You can give more information about the things, items or people you have named by answering the question which?For example from the nouns: woman, man, car we can ask the questions:Which woman? Ill womanWhich man? Rich manWhich car? New car

Adjectives help to make our thoughts and information as clear and specific as possibleFor example:The shy girl has joined our group.Now for you to get the adjective you can ask the question:Which girl has joined our group?Activity 2Identify the adjectives in each of the following pictures:

Which type of people are in this picture?

Activity 3Make six different sentences using adjectives from the following pictures.

Note that adjectives can be placed in front of nouns i.e. before the nounsFor example:Jill is always a scared boyAdjectives can also be placed after the verbFor example:The man at the borehole is thirsty.The adjective thirsty comes after the verb is


QUESTIONS Identify the adjectives in each of the following sentences1.The day was windy and chilly.2.My father bought a blue car yesterday3.A hungry man is an angry man4.The old woman wore a thick woollen jacket5.The athletes were tired and frustrated.